Wayniac V2

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This is a very important lure to me. My father developed vascular dementia over the last 7 years. He now resides at Wascana Rehab in Regina Saskatchewan. I brought him some lures last year while he was still at home and he grabbed this one, looked at me and said, “this is a good one”. Coming from a man of few words at that point, this meant a lot. As he said, “good job”, he held it with a smile on his face and for a couple minutes, I had my dad back. For every one of these lures we sell, we are going to donate $1 to the Alzheimer’s foundation of Saskatchewan in the name of anglers. The price won’t go up to compensate, we’re not inflating anything and aren’t trying to do anything special. Just trying to do our part. Life’s not always easy or fair, but hey, that’s okay. Painting these is fun as so many things run through my head. Text/call your dad, grandpa, mom, sister or brother... whoever and tell them you love them. Never know if they won’t be able to say it back. Oh! And it crushes fish! Be happy, have fun and get outside. I know the outdoors have changed me back to who I use to be as I lost it for a while. Love you all!

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