STEP 1 Melville Musky - 1 PC

STEP 1 Melville Musky - 1 PC

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Jaguar Design pulled out all the stops developing the new Revelation Musky/saltwater blank series. Six new models were designed to handle a wide variety of lures and techniques commonly used in both fresh and saltwater applications. Big fish require big powerful rod blanks and these new models are up to the task! 

 Dynamic blends of three different proprietary materials allow these blanks to be powerful and strong while maintaining an angler-friendly weight balance. Cast all day without the fatigue associated with other Musky rods. 

Revelation Musky/saltwater blanks are available in 8’ 10” and 7’10” lengths with extra heavy, heavy and medium heavy power ratings. 


Featured Highlights

 RX7 Graphite Blended with Two Proprietary Composites

 Unprecedented Strength, Sensitivity and Casting Ability.

 Dynamic Modulus Positioning

 Most Innovative Musky Blank on the Market

 12 Months in the Design Process

 Fast Actions

 Limited Lifetime Warranty


Gloss Burgundy

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